Behind Visioned

Brand activations, PR dinners, weddings, fashion shows ... Bring it on!

Visioned is an Antwerp based event company. We deliver quality, whether the event of yours is big or small. Public or private, both check as long as we’re on the same wavelength.

We believe that understanding our clients is one of the most important aspects. Ultimately, our mission is to make you happy. That’s really what we do it for. And we know that building good relationships takes effort, so therefore you can trust and rely on us. 

A clear conversation, personal approach, original interpretation and clear agreements, tailored to your needs and budget.


[VIZ-UHND] Adjective
1. Pertaining to, seen in, or arising from a vision
2. Gifted with prophetic vision

My story

Manou, the creative mindblower of Visioned. A nice decorated table, putting on the right kind of music to set the vibe, watching everybody enjoy that is what makes me happy. 

When I’m not planning events, you can find me at the local market browsing for some delicious food or lovely flowers or sipping some sparkling wine while eating the best cheese croquettes. Besides that I love to spent time with my friends and going on long walks with our dogs. Other interests are traveling and discovering new cultures. I had the opportunity to visit some beautiful countries but I’m nowhere far into my bucket list. Next stop: Africa or Argentina.


“I rather call myself a party architect, memory maker and vibe creator”